Why is SEO Imortant?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Chiropractic website is a major influential factor in finding your clinic new clients. With well over a billion active websites online, patients seeking your chiropractic healthcare services have countless options to choose from. If you’re not on the first page of their local search, it’s like you don’t exist. When you choose Custom Chiropractic Websites to create, design, and host your chiropractic clinic’s website – every stage of our service is focused around getting your website to the top of Google and other Search Engine results.

Our Powerful Search Engine Tactics Include:

Strong URLS – URLS or Permalinks should contain a relevant keyword. The structure of your website determines how fast search engines can find, understand and select your site based on your services.

Content Strength and Length – Original content will always over-rank duplicate content, which is content that’s used over and over again on all of their client’s sites, and some mass producing hosts actually sell as a good thing (Watch out for “We have a huge database of content/videos/materials etc…). This allows your site to surpass any others that opted for a generic library of content for their site. And custom content can also help the interested online party get a sense of what your specialties are, for more qualified leads.

Easy Navigation – You’ve got a potential patient at your site, keep them there with our help. We include a ‘Call to Action’ on every page. This is a feature that makes it easy for your concerned party to contact you the second they have interest.

Proper Coding – Our custom sites are built by SEO professional developers using best-practice methods so that your back-end (code, meta information, site structure, hierarchy, etc.) supports the front-end (content, images, links, user interface).

Custom Chiropractic’s Secret SEO Weapon

Well it’s not really a secret. All of the above are important factors for increasing web presence on search engines but one of the most crucial parts of Search Engine Optimization is Links. Both your site and the site that is linking to you will be examined by Google, Yahoo and other Search Engines; so quality at both ends is important. The more valuable links your website has the better your rankings will be. Each and every Chiropractic website Created, Designed, Optimized and Hosted by Custom Chiropractic Websites will become incorporated into chirojuice.com, a very prestigious Chiropractic Care Directory that will provide an high quality, informational, incoming link to your website, allow patients to rate your services and their experience, and in doing so will increase your local web presence dramatically.

Online Chiropractic Marketing

Show up for the searches that count and lead new patients through your chiropractic clinic doors with the help of Custom Chiropractic Websites and ChiroJuice. Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving, as is your health practice – together our expertise will lead you to a new level of success and your growing number of patients to their healthcare goals!

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